About Miranda

Through leadership coaching, team building sessions and mindfulness meditation, I help individuals and teams adapt in this fast paced world.  My education is in Psychology and I have twenty years of experience in human resources, always placing an emphasis on the “human”. 

My experience as a true business partner and trusted advisor to multiple senior leaders and executives accelerated my transition into leadership coaching.  My passion is coaching individuals and teams to help them accelerate their personal and professional growth.   I excel in helping leaders hold themselves and their teams accountable, have difficult conversations, showcase their vulnerabilities, and shift mindsets.

Miranda Troy
Leadership Coach & Founder

I am a certified practitioner of the Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) or “Whole Brain Thinking” which identifies an individual’s thinking preferences.  Combining the HBDI assessment with my coaching skills, individuals begin to understand how their preferences are perceived and when/how they can adapt to more effectively influence others.

About Doug

I am a Change Agent and Innovative Leader focused on client satisfaction through
outstanding customer service. I have experience in change and innovation at all
levels. I have proven success in planning, developing and implementing strategies
designed to impact critical business outcomes. I have strategic leadership expertise which fully leverages a unique background. I am adept at forging strong relationships with C-level executives and driving new innovations to market.

Douglas Troy – Managing Partner

Continuous Improvement
I view every operation and engagement as part of a larger holistic system. While execution
needs to be narrowly focused, design and architecture of solutions needs to have broader
impact assessments and a mindfulness that avoids unintended consequences. Over the
course of my career I have identified over $135M in annually recurring cost savings for client and personally implemented over $85M of those savings.

HRIS & HR Analytics
These are two areas that have a tremendous opportunity to impact an organizations success. The ability to effectively and efficiently manage your people to meet the needs of the organization is the first step in transforming data into actionable intelligence. Getting it right the first time saves countless hours of rework if you miss the mark. Since the first days of my career I have been working on complex analytics projects and the lessons learned have served my clients well saving over $60M in personnel costs.

Workforce Planning & Human Capital Management
I have managed groups from 10 to over 300 and executed workforce plans for populations of up to 20,000. The skills and modeling needed to create effective and scalable plans are
rooted in deep understating of the workforce itself and the pragmatic translation of that
knowledge into accurate forecasts.


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